About ArtistTec

ArtistTec, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Clifton “Jerry” Noble and Kara Noble to help creative people use technology more effectively to share their art and ideas with others. In 2019, their daughter Sam joined the ArtistTec team, and together they provide a broad range of services to support musicians, writers, actors, dancers, painters, potters, fabric artists, and other creative makers to use technology to enhance, publish and share their work.

The ArtistTec team has provided services that include:

  • Composing & arranging music
  • Publishing & distributing the original compositions and arrangements of Clifton J. Noble, Jr.
  • Writing fiction & nonfiction stories, plays, songs, essays & marketing copy, and other types of written material
  • Designing & producing websites
  • Recording backing & rehearsal musical tracks
  • Editing & proofreading text
  • Performing music in a variety of styles/genres